Icelandic Center of Excellence for Sustainable Use and Conservation of the Ocean.

Who are we?

Hafið stems from collaboration between companies in research, development and implementation of green tech solutions, towards conservation of the Ocean.

Hafið´s goal is to create a platform for cooperation between private companies, public authorities and research institutes for development of technology, legislation and all aspects of sustainability with regard to the ocean. Hafið aims to increase general understanding and knowledge on the ocean and its importance. The platform hosts collaborative projects, seeks funding for those and for the operation in general.

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Málþing Hafsins um vistvænar lausnir

Hafið Öndvegissetur hyggst á næstu mánuðum halda málþing um vistvænar lausnir í haftengdri starfsemi víðs vegar um landið. Hið fyrsta... Read More →

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